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The principal policy of Global Bizz Group is strongly based on the concept of providing to the clients,
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  • Education

    GLOBAL BIZZ GROUP handle all types of foundation, certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, and undergraduate courses, and provide expert advice, counselling and guidance of relevant visa applications.

  • Import

    OUR TRADING arm has been operating for many years as an Importer and Exporter and also act as the local representative/authorized agent for many overseas companies and suppliers.

  • Real Estate

    GLOBAL BIZZ GROUP is expanding its development arm in to residential and commercial development, and real estate property management. All our investors are very happy with their previous investments as they have achieved the best return on their investments.

  • Export

    WE ARE A RAPIDLY expanding business, and as links in the chain, the company is now looking for partnerships with reputable overseas companies and dealers to cater for our rapidly expanding Internationall Market.

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Scope of Work

Global Bizz Group conducts Import and Export Trading, Investment and real estate marketing as well as Manpower recruitment. The company supports its Charity activates through Global Bizz Foundation Sri Lanka to elevate the underprivileged communities to build a self-reliant community.

Management Directory

Global Bizz Group is considered as one of the leading supplier Agricultural Commodities in Sri Lanka with 10 offices across the globe, including the head office in Switzerland, the company also has operations in the Middle East countries, carrying out work in the construction.

Charity Work

With our Global Bizz Foundation large scale humanitarian projects are implemented in Sri Lanka. We are supporting the Communities with Water and Sanitation Facilities and Livelihood Support to the needy communities. Our Health Sector is planning for a 200 Bed Fully Equipped Modern Facilities in the Northern District.

From seeds to fruits

Using natural resources

Our Migration arm has been in operation for many years with expertise gained in global migration and visa programs. Years of experience will assess your application. Our registered migration consultants provide professional & accurate, up-to-date, reliable Multinational Migration Services (MMS) have to pleasure and the satisfaction of helping clients from all walks of life.

We are committed to a 100% client satisfaction covered positive results have given thousands of our clients, joy and happiness. Through new on-line lodgment and a correct mix of advice, dedication. Our services are reliable as we keep our clients updated continuously through our permanent offices in UK and Trincomalee.

The advantage of having offices in many countries provides a unique delivery model. Established in 2016, GBG International College popularly known as GBG has rapidly grown into one of the few leading vocational and tertiary training providers in Sri Lanka with comparatively a large number of students in the private sector higher education with strong UK collaboration.

We deliver courses in a variety of fields from foundation to degree levels with quality assured. we maintain the highest quality and standards in all our deliverables. We have pioneered higher education streams by launching innovative study programs – IT, Business Management, International Hospitality Management etc.

We are proud to announce the company that enjoys making challenging tasks possible in sourcing business, who has taken traditional Import Export companies by storm. We are team of young, experienced, dynamic individuals who has not just achieved new heights in their respective careers but also knows teams dynamics, market insights, client management and sourcing knowledge.

Global Bizz Group depends on its principle of quality and reliability for continued growth. The Colliers International Investment Property Management team offers you an unparalleled level of service for your investment property needs, from professionals based nationally.

We strive to ensure the service we provide is tailored to our client’s needs, built upon the strong fundamentals of property and asset management and a clear understanding of our clients’ strategy and objectives.

Global Bizz Group’s expert principals’ extensive industry knowledge has played a key role in recent successes in its operation. We’ll help you simplify your tasks, focus on your goals, and achieve success. That’s because we’re a leading manpower recruitment solutions provider in Sri Lanka that brings the best employees and employers together.

Though there are various local and international recruitment agencies operating in Sri Lanka there is a certain aspect that distinguishes Manpower Sri Lanka from the rest. It’s the top to bottom approach that we adapt.

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